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How to Love Your Crazy Family–A Book Review


I love books, and God has a way of speaking to me through them. In every area of life—spiritual growth, marriage, parenting, leadership, coaching—I often find the answers or the inspiration I need in the pages of a book. I just finished reading such a book and heartily recommend it to any woman desiring to thrive as she leads her family. It’s called How to Love Your Crazy Family: 52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days by Angela Howard.

Motherhood is a high calling, whether you are a career woman, stay-at-home mom, or somewhere in between. The influence of a mother reaches deeply into the lives of her children. And yet, with all the love and best intentions, marriage and family can feel crazy at times.

Angela Howard has discovered powerful truths that she passes on to the reader in a heart warming and down-to-earth way, offering practical inspiration for navigating every kind of crazy you may encounter with the family you love. It all begins with a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you want to love your crazy family, Christ must first be central in your own life. Angela’s writing style is humorous yet convicting, light-hearted yet challenging. Angela goes beyond the “what” and “how” of day-to-day tasks and relationships, and looks at the “why”—the motivation for your attitudes and actions.

Using vignettes of her own heart and home, Angela invites you to view real life examples up close and personal, along with important lessons learned. Each chapter provides encouraging insights that, when put into practice, will take your parenting, marriage, and life beyond ordinary. Angela emphasizes the power of Jesus to transform lives every day and the beauty of extending grace to those you love. The bonus chapter at the end shares Angela’s story and struggles with Bipolar disorder in her own marriage, offering hope through Christ to those walking through family difficulties.

Wherever you are in the marriage or parenting seasons, you will glean timeless wisdom from the pages of How to Love Your Crazy Family.

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