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Keep Your Call in Focus


A lovely young woman sat in my office, her face aglow as she described God’s call to her to minister to women. She had returned from the mission field and the Lord had shown her through a series of miraculous events what she was supposed to do. We talked about specific ways she could fulfill this call blazing in her heart, and we made arrangements for her to serve.

Several weeks later the same woman was back in my office, this time with tears in her eyes. She was burdened with sorrow, as she poured out her confusion. God had clearly spoken to her and had given her direction, but now she was filled with doubt. Things in life didn’t look the way she thought they should and she wondered if she was really making a difference.

What happened to morph such excitement and resolve into discouragement and doubt?

God’s call to a ministry or position can indeed be exhilarating. It is so exciting to hear from the Lord, to be given a mandate and vision, and to have it confirmed through His Word, circumstances, and trusted advisers.

Inevitably, though, excitement wears off, and the call that was so fresh may become stale. As you encounter difficulties, challenges, or even the mundane, it is easy to wonder if God has suddenly changed His mind.

Reverend Nicky Gumbel, the developer of the Alpha Course, wisely teaches that God doesn’t call us out of things. Rather He calls us into things. When life gets hard and doubts arise, rarely is that evidence of God calling you elsewhere. So how can you be faithful and move forward?

It is important to remember that walking out our call is filled with ordinary moments. Even the miraculous ministry of Jesus Christ had times of fatigue and hunger, when He had to deal with feuding disciples or disgruntled people, when His ministry was largely misunderstood. In the midst of “non-miraculous” situations, Jesus Christ kept His mission in focus.

What has God called you to do? What has he placed on your heart as a mission? How can you keep it in focus?

I highly recommend that you write it down and describe how it unfolded. Keep it where you can access it easily. When things get hard or you become weary of the ordinary, read it for clarity and inspiration.

Take time to revisit your call, renew your commitment, and ask the Lord for wisdom and strength to accomplish what He’s asked of you.

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