Meet Joddi-Jay


It seems that the older I get, the less I know. But that’s okay. The less I know, the more I need Jesus.

Every day we navigate paradoxes. Life can be tough, and yet it is beautifully meaningful. Leading others can be challenging, and yet it is incredibly rewarding. Jesus provides the love and strength we need to thrive in both order and chaos.

As the mother of an adult daughter with a serious disability, and as one who has dealt with my own auto-immune disorder for the last decade, I know life does not always go according to our wishes. I have experienced the pain of plans and people going awry. In many aspects my journey has not been pretty. Yet Jesus has been my constant Companion. Our relationship provides richness and joy that cannot be fully described.

Here is some information about me, if you like “facts.”

  • I married my best friend in 1985 and we raised five children. We are adjusting to the life of encouraging our adult kids and loving our five grandkids.
  • My husband and I served together in pastoral ministry for 25 years, and answered the call to focus on ministry elsewhere in 2015.
  • I have a degree in Social Sciences, a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and am ordained with the Assemblies of God. I am currently a doctoral student in the Strategic Leadership program at Regent University.
  • In the summer of 2014, I became the Executive Director of Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center in Yakima, Washington. I love working with God’s Church, diverse in worship styles, theology, and faith traditions, to focus on serving our community with compassionate care and support.
  • I am passionate about communicating with others through writing and speaking. I have some pieces published in online magazines. You will probably find me a bit reserved when we first meet, because I prefer listening to others rather than talking. I like to think (sometimes a lot) before I open my mouth. However, I come alive when I have opportunities to inspire others and influence them to thrive in life and in what God’s has called them to do. I love speaking to groups of all sizes for church events and conferences, and pregnancy center fundraisers.
  • I enjoy coaching and consulting with leaderships, as well as facilitating strategic planning sessions for organizations.
  • I care deeply about others with a pastoral heart. My first and deepest desire is to love and lead like Jesus wherever I am.

My prayer is that as I reflect on this blog about my journey of life and leadership, you as a reader will be encouraged to thrive wherever God has placed you. Let me know if I can serve you by speaking at an event or assisting your organization with strategic planning. It would be an honor.

Thank you for including me on your journey with Jesus, as you answer His call.

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