Photo on 6-29-18 at 1.48 PM #2

Welcome! Whether this is your first time here or you are a regular reader, I want you to know that it is an honor to walk with you as a fellow sojourner. When I started this blog in the fall of 2013, my purpose was to share helpful information about servant leadership and to encourage others to thrive as leaders.

My heart is to communicate as someone in the thick of this journey of life and leadership, learning to thrive as I go, rather than as an expert. While I do have education and experience in leadership, I am not postured above you. I am beside you, and we follow Jesus together.

As the Lord inspires me, it is my hope I will pass along His inspiration to you. I am here to remind you that the Lord has the wisdom and resources you need to accomplish what He has set before you. In the midst of any situation, you can THRIVE in life and as a leader, and move forward in God’s plan. Blessings as we embark in GROWING and THRIVING together.



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