Meet Joddi-Jay

I am Joddi-Jay Babcock. “Joddi-Jay” is my first name (a creative gift bestowed upon on me by my momma), but you may call me “JJ” if you prefer. I am a doctor of Strategic Leadership with an emphasis on Christian servant leadership. I love helping leaders thrive in life and leadership, believing that when leaders thrive, their organizations thrive, and God is glorified.

Also an ordained minister, I serve people with a pastoral heart. Whether coaching, consulting, speaking, or writing, I care deeply about others’ spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being. I live in Yakima, Washington, and am the Executive Director of Life Choices Yakima, a pregnancy medical center. My book, Keep the Light On: Leadership Lessons from the Pregnancy Help Movement, is scheduled for release in winter 2022.

servant leadership, writer, speaker, coach, consultant, spiritual director, pastor, executive leadership

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